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Youth Service Center

YSC Director:  Kimberly Quinlan
Phone:  859-387-3836
Fax:  859-624-4534


Family Service Worker:  Woody Schat
Phone:  859-387-4234
Fax:  859-624-4543



The Family Resource Youth Service Center mission is to enhance student’s abilities to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that promote:

  • Early learning and successful transition into school
  • Academic achievement and well being
  • Graduation and transition into adult life


The Clark Moores/Madison Middle YSC offers:

Family Crisis and Mental Health Counseling

Anger management/counseling referrals Internet safety/cyberbullying presentations After school groups
Self-esteem groups
Parent Education Programs
Parent Night programs



Employment Exploration

Career speakers/Career Fair
Reality Store/Finance Park Babysitting clinic
Get a REAL job placement in school Job Shadowing
Vocational school tours
Service-learning opportunities



Educational Support

6th-grade orientation
Back to school nights
Open Houses
Renaissance/Student Success activities Referrals for tutoring
Truancy Diversion
Guest speakers in the classroom
Girls Group/Guys group 
Cooking classes 
Student Showcase 
Leadership/Outreach activities Confidentiality Training 
Book Clubs 



Referrals to Health and Social Services

Vision Screening referrals 
Assistance with obtaining/ repairing eyeglasses Dental screenings referrals
Referrals to Social Service/Mental Health  Medical coverage assistance 
Food Bank resources 
After school fitness classes 
Health Fair 
Home visits



Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Health Fair 
Classroom speakers 
School assemblies 
Referrals for treatment 
Parent Forums 



Basic  Needs 

Referrals to community partners for assistance Backpack food assistance program
Dress code assistance 
Provide hygiene supplies, school supplies